Cirexx Provides Antenna PCB Designs with Rohacell Foam

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Cirexx International has provided advanced antenna printed circuit board assembly designs incorporating Rohacell foam. The Rohacell foam, made by Evonik Industries of Austria, is a fiber-composite that provides a superior low-loss barrier – better than air - between the radome and the elements in an antenna system. 

Cirexx incorporates the foam into advanced RF/Microwave PCB structures, often with accompanying heat sinking and chassis hardware. 

These antennas are commonly used in commercial and military aircraft, including UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).  The technology is also being used in communications (cellphone/broad band) equipment.  Don Kaufman, Cirexx Director of Advanced Product Sales said, “This process of making RF PCBs with the Rohacell foam attached is a natural progression of our commitment to serve the RF/Microwave industry with the latest technologies.”

The Rohacell foam is lightweight, has excellent dynamic strength, high temperature resistance (up to 220°C and is easily machined.  Cirexx engineers have developed several methods of attaching the foam to PCBs.

About Cirexx International

Founded in 1980, Cirexx International, Inc. is an electronic solutions company offering PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly of high-reliability Printed Circuit Boards, RF/Microwave Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards. Recognized as a time-technology leader, the company offers a genuine Quick Turn service and provides a one stop shop and all in-house solution known as Seamless Integration. Cirexx has expertise fabricating high layer count Printed Circuit Boards using a variety of substrates including a wide array of high-frequency RF-based materials in mixed (hybrid) constructions. Cirexx delivers unsurpassed quality and support to a large array of customers in the high-reliability markets of defense/aerospace, industrial, and medical instrumentation.



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