LPKF Demos Live PCB Prototyping at PCB West 2015

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LPKF Laser & Electronics has announced it will attend the PCB West 2015 exhibition, which takes place September 16 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif. From booth 201, LPKF will be demonstrating the capabilities of its best-selling PCB prototyping system, the ProtoMat S63.

The ProtoMat S63 is a benchtop milling machine perfect for any engineering environment. It creates PCBs by milling away unwanted copper from substrates, leaving only the desired circuit traces behind. Using this technique, the ProtoMat S63 can create complex PCB designs in minutes or hours.

In-house PCB prototyping saves time when compared to outsourced prototyping alternatives. In addition, in-house PCB milling avoids the chemicals associated with other PCB prototyping processes. Applications include everything from analog to microwave boards as well as antennas, filters, and 2.5D depth milling.



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