LPKF Strengthens Strategic Structures for LDS and Rapid PCB Prototyping

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LPKF.JPGLPKF Laser & Electronics AG enhances its structures in two relevant divisions. Two experienced engineers take over new positions of im-portant interfaces with customers.

Malte Fengler graduated from Hannover University earning a degree in electrical engineering and radio frequency technology. Since 2011 he has worked for the laser equipment manufacturer LPKF in the field of Molded Interconnect Device (MID) technology. This technology enables the production and placement of circuit layouts on complex three-dimensional carrier structures. More than half of the 3D components are produced with the LPKF LDS process (Laser Direct Structuring). Fengler is concerned with process engineering, feasibility studies, global cus-tomer support, and applications. In addition, he is in charge of existing as well as newly developed LDS substrate materials, and process con-sulting.

In August 2015, he succeeds Stephan Krause as the new Strategic Product Manager MID and takes over the responsibility for current and future markets as well as new applications in the field of LDS MID tech-nology

Stephan Krause has acted as a Sales Engineer since 2002 and support-ed the LPKF team as Strategic Product Manager LDS since August 2012. In October 2015, he moves to the Rapid PCB Prototyping division and takes charge of the worldwide RP sales activities. Moreover, he manages the contacts with the RP distributors.

Stephan Krause (left side) and Malte Fengler (right side) will work closely together in their new roles.

About LPKF

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG manufactures machines and laser sys-tems used in electronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. Around 20 percent of the work-force is engaged in research and development.



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