Laminate Supplier Shengyi Expands U.S. Presence

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Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd., one of the largest laminate suppliers in the world, is committed to increasing its market share in the U.S., while enhancing its relationship with end users and PCB manufacturers. To that end, Shengyi Technology has been working with Paramount Laminates, their distributor covering California and the Chicago area. And starting this month, Photochemical Systems will be the company’s distributor in the eastern United States. By being based in the U.S., Paramount and Photochemical will be able to offer better supply and technical service for all the customers in U.S. market.

According to Shengyi Executive Director Jack Dong, “We look forward to cooperating even more closely with our U.S.-based distributors to offer the more valuable commercial and technical service.” 

About Paramount Laminates

Chicago-based Paramount Laminates engages in the sourcing and distribution of copper clad laminates and printed circuit board materials. The company offers high quality PCB materials, stocking options, and product support, making them a key strategic partner for printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States. Growing from a regional to a nationwide sourcing and distribution mainstay, 2014 saw Paramount celebrate 20 years in the printed circuit board industry.

About Photo Chemical Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1972, Photo Chemical Systems is a regional stocking value-added distributor of specialty industrial products, including chemicals, supplies and capital equipment primarily targeting PCB fabrication and screen printing industries. Headquartered in Knightdale, N.C., PCS products lines include  process chemistry, imaging films, test equipment, laminates and substrates, production equipment, wet process systems, screen printing inks, specialty printers, printing supplies and other accessories. PCS marketing is focused on the East Coast, but does offer some products nationally.



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