Eurocircuits Issues Customer Testimonial on Ucamco's Ledia

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In January 2015, Eurocircuits, a leading European PCB prototype manufacturer, purchased a Ledia SD direct imager from Ucamco for its manufacturing facility in Eger (Hungary).

“Conventional phototool-based exposure are very expensive for us, because we use the films to make relatively small numbers of panels, yet we can't re-use them," said Luc Smets, managing partner at Eurocircuits. "We realised some years ago that DI would eliminate our film costs, and so we started tracking our materials and processing costs vs. the costs of investment in the technology. Last year, the numbers finally made sense: DI systems costs had decreased sufficiently, and at our Eger plant alone, we used a record 36,000 films for inner and outer layers, and 25,000 films for soldermask. It was time to make the switch."



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