Matrix USA Holds Open House at Santa Clara Facility

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Matrix USA featured an Open House at their Santa Clara, California Warehouse on September 15, 2015. This event was held in conjunction with the PCB West Technical Conference and Exhibition at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Over 90 customers, OEMs and suppliers attended the catered event.

matrix2.JPGThe year-old facility proudly displayed the state of the art Panasonic prepreg storage and clean room converting and tooling area. Also on display were the high speed saw for cutting Panasonic materials and the ink jet marking system that marks lot and part numbers on all materials with indelible ink.

matrix3.JPGMaybe the most impressive room displayed was the clean room dedicated to cutting rolls of Panasonic Felios flexible laminates and Matrix Plus coverlays and adhesives. These capabilities provide the flex fabricators custom widths and lengths and very quick response times.

Along with racks of Megtron 6 and 6G and Megtron 4 products visitors were able to see substantial inventory levels of Jinzhou drills and routers. On display was the dedicated temperature controlled room for AGFA films and chemistry.

matrix4.JPGNew Matrix associate, Advanced Copper Foils (ACF), had a display on hand to show attendees samples of their ACF2/ACF3 bonded aluminum copper products as well as sheeted and tooled copper foils exclusively using Circuit Foils copper foil.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to all the Matrix staff who created this very clean and efficient facility.



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