American Standard Circuits Acquires License for TrueChem Process Control Software

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American Standard Circuits has taken another step into increasing its quality by acquiring a license for TrueChem’s Process Control Software.

The TrueChem software allows American Standard Circuits to completely control its processes. This will help the company in improving its quality and production and will provide easier auditing and access to data and statistical charts.

Some of its key features are that it schedules test procedures and tracks events, calculates adds for the various wet processes. One of its most important features is that it has ongoing statistical data like Run Charts, Histograms, and Moving Ranges.

The software today supports all of American Standard Circuits' chemistry and is scalable to support collection, storage and rules-based actions for maximum utilization of variable data. The software also provides in-depth traceability.

"We feel that TrueChem’s software is the very best on the market today. It is providing us with everything that we need to make sure that our processes are in complete control at all times. This is especially important as we continually ascend the technology ladder with our high tech products including Flex and Rigid Flex, RF and metal backed boards. We expect that this control software will be the backbone of our process control going forward," said Anaya Vardya CEO of American Standard Circuits.

About American Standard Circuits

American Standard Circuits (ASC) prides itself on being a total solutions provider, manufacturing quality rigid, metal-backed, flex and rigid-flex PCBs as well as RF/microwave PCBs to the medical, automotive, industrial, defense, and aerospace markets in volumes from test and prototypes to large production orders. ASC has the expertise to provide all technologies in a time-critical environment. Company qualifications include ISO9001:2008, MIL-PRF 31032, and ITAR registration. It holds a number of key patents for metal bonding processes as well. For more information, visit

About TrueChem Company

We provide our customers with the best possible service and Quality to meet or exceed their needs. There is always an ongoing effort to work with our customers to develop innovative products and solutions to achieve their total satisfaction. We provide the highest possible Quality to our customers.

Each of our employees is dedicated to the following:

  • Customer focus and exceeding customer expectations
  • Service to the customer when it is requested
  • Elimination of waste and the search for better methods
  • Continuous improvement in ever operation we perform
  • Ongoing development of environmentally safe products that are cost effective to our customers

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