ANS to Exhibit at Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Philtronics Expo.

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ANS Industrial Company will be showcasing their latest technologies at both the Hong Kong electronics fair 2015 and the 2015 Philtronics Expo.

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair, October 13-15th 2015,  showcase a wide variety of electronics products and services including audio-visual, branded electronics, eco-friendly, i-World, packaging and design, navigation systems, new inventions, telecommunications products and testing, inspection and certification services.

The Philtronics Expo held in Pasay, Philippines from Nov. 5-7th helps companies and individuals participating in the global semiconductor industry thrive by cultivating productive relationships with their customers and technology partners.

ANS’s Agnes Ho remarks, ““Events like these are invaluable as they provide us with a chance to connect with potential customers face-to-face to find out more about their specific needs.”

For more information about ANS, visit them on the web at

About ANS

ANS Industrial Company Limited has been dedicated to providing technological innovation and highly satisfactory and speedy services to their customers since 1999.  ANS specializes in high-precision heavy copper (15oz) with pressfit technology and multi-layer PCBs, as well as flexi-rigid with Blind and Buried vias and Aluminum boards for hi-tech enterprises around the world.  Excellent after-sales services and comprehensive technical support are no less important than the quality of the product itself. Together with our strengths in R&D, ANS provides PCBs that meet your specific requirements promptly at competitive prices. 



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