Posalux to Showcase Expanded Portfolio at productronica 2015

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Posalux SA, a provider of drilling and milling systems for the PCB industry, will be showcasing its latest technologies at the upcoming productronica 2015 event in Munich, Germany, from November 10 to 13. The company will highlight its enhanced ULTRASPEED MONO and the new ULTRASPEED DUO and ULTRASPEED TRIO, for more efficient and precise work at three stations in one machine. The ULTRASPEED DUO will be released in 2016.

The ULTRASPEED MONO drilling units now feature increased frequency from 900 strokes/min to 1,200 strokes/min, and improved precision tolerance of ±15μm. Also, duplication of the working head numbers is one of the great novelties in the new series. This "combined" equipment gives every station two different, highly precise spindles. The division of the spindle types among the drilling heads can be chosen freely – twice drilling (micro-drilling of <0.1 mm and large holes up to 6.35 mm), two times milling (for FR4 and IMS) or a combination with drilling and milling. This way, both options are available: quickly with a low torque or slowly with a higher torque. The machines can also be optimally adjusted to the needs of production. Drilling and milling at one station are now offered by MONO and TRIO.

A new generation of pressure pads has been developed to safely process the PCB boards. A new IPF (Interchangeable Pressure Foot) version for drilling and milling on the same spindle has also been developed, enabling switching from the drilling insert to the milling blank insert, thereby increasing the system's flexibility. This is available for the MONO, DUO and TRIO. At the same time, a new drilling-milling spindle has been developed that will work in the revolutions range of 10,000 to 140,000 turns per minute.

The new systems also feature a new generation of axis supports. Paired with the software control developed by Posalux in-house, the tools can be guided on the x-, y- and z-axes more accurately.

The ULTRASPEED family also offers larger-volume machines for large-series production. The MONO, TRIO and the DUO series are expected to strengthen Posalux's market position in prototype, small-series and medium-series production.



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