Canadian Circuits Acquires Pluritec Inspecta XR75 X-Ray Drilling Machine

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Praveen Arya, President and owner of Canadian Circuits, Inc. announced recently that his company has acquired a Pluritec 75XR X-Ray Drill as part of the company’s new technology initiative this year.

The XR 75 X-Ray Drilling Machine automatically optimizes and drills the reference tooling holes on the bonded panels allowing for optimized accuracy in the subsequent panel drilling. This machine allows Canadian Circuits to do much higher layer count PCBs with much tighter hole and line widths and spacing tolerances.

Commenting on this latest equipment acquisition, Mr. Arya said, “We consider the purchase of this drill a cornerstone step in our goal of taking our company to the highest levels of technology in PCB fabrication. Our customers’ needs and specified requirements are rapidly rising and we feel it is our responsibility as their PCB expert partners to supply them the with the very best printed circuit boards, enabling them to meet their needs for success.”

About Canadian Circuits

CCI Canadian Circuits Inc. is a leading innovator in the Printed Circuit Board Industry. Founded in 1993, CCI Canadian Circuits Inc. has led the way in technological advances. We excel in quick turn prototypes, double and multilayer boards. Our driven focus allows us to provide the best value and exceptional quality without compromise. Continuous upgrading and constant improvement allows CCI Canadian Circuits Inc. to be highly competitive in today’s global marketplace. At CCI Canadian Circuits Inc., we believe that we can only be successful if our customers are successful and it is to that end, that we are 100% dedicated to your success.



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