New Management at KSL Kuttler

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KSL Kuttler Automation Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of automation systems for the PCB industry, recently announced that a new investor, Tao Zipeng, has taken over management of the company from Suntech Power Group since April this year.

Over the past six months, the company has already increased its workforce by 20%. It further plans to add two more employees to drive direct sales in the United States and Germany.

The old Kuttler team in China, which had already been working successfully in the wet-system industry in the region, is expected to be brought back to reinforce on-site service and direct sales services in the China market.

Regarding R&D, the company plans to invest another €3 million. New projects and innovative adjustments in the present successful product lines are to be implemented. Apart from this, alignment of the product range with the Industry 4.0 trend is to be continued. In addition to the company's FlexLine, CleanLine and CompactLine product lines, an entire range of new products is being planned as well.

For 2014, KSL Kuttler has achieved a total turnover of €4 million. This year, the company is expecting a 50% increase in sales to €6 million. Key markets showing significant growth include the United States and Europe, in particular Germany.

KSL Kuttler will be exhibiting at the upcoming productronica 2015 trade exhibition in Munich, Germany, to highlight its new strategic initiatives. The company also plans to hold a technology day at its headquarters in Dauchingen next spring to present its new technical innovations and roadmap.


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