productronica 2015: The SCHMID Group Presents Optimized NTwC Electro Plater

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  • SCHMID's horizontal galvanic copper plating line with clamping frame for the processing of finest substrates and printed circuit boards with a thickness of up to 3.2mm 
  • Visit SCHMID at the productronica in Munich from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13, 2015 and get to know our product and technology innovations. You will find us at booth 205 in hall B1. 

Further to its new module line generation SCHMID InfinityLine and the "New Etching Options" (NEO) the SCHMID Group will present another highlight at the  productronica 2015: its optimized NTwC Electro Plater.  "NTwC" stands for "New Transport with Clamping" and designates the innovative way of contactfree, horizontal transport of printed circuit boards, during which these are mounted in clamping frames and are transported fully automatically through the system. This transport is particularly gentle and represents a significant advantage in processing, especially for the sensitive UTCs (Ultra Thin Cores) as well as for printed circuit boards with resist pattern. 

The SCHMID NTwC Electro Plater has a very wide range of application and can be used, for instance, for Flash Plating, Panel Plating, Pattern Plating, Via Filling, SAP and mSAP.  Printed circuit boards with high aspect ratio (> 20:1) and considerably finer substrates (down to 25 microns) can be processed with it, and on the other hand also printed circuit boards with a thickness of up to 3.2mm. Thus, the NTwC Electro Plater proves to be a universally usable solution for the processes of galvanic metallization. 

Since SCHMID has considerably reduced the use of moving parts during the revision of the Electro Plater, the system requires only minimum maintenance. Further advantages of the NTwC Electro Plater are its particularly uniform surface distribution of the copper deposit as well as the excellent durability and the height adjustability of the anodes in the module. 

For the innovative gate technology of the NTwC Electro Plater, SCHMID has developed a new clamping frame. Its symmetrical contacting ensures a particularly homogeneous electric field, which allows an extremely uniform copper deposition. The proven surge technique of the SCHMID Group, which is appreciated by our customers, as well as the frequency controlled pumps ensure an extremely efficient exchange of the electrolyte. 


SCHMID's newly developed clamping frame with symmetrical contacting   


Transport of a printed circuit board through the SCHMID NTwC Electro Plater   



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