Uyemura USA Releases Thru-Cup MSC-PS Acid Cleaner

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Uyemura USA announces the release of Thru-Cup MSC-PS Acid Cleaner, the group’s answer to enhanced cleaning and increased wetting of high aspect ratio plated through holes and micro-vias. The superior detergency, coupled with the low surface tension provides for excellent electroplated copper adhesion, and void free coverage. 

Don Walsh, Director of Operations for Uyemura USA states "The Thru-Cup MSC-PS Acid Cleaner has shown superior performance out in the field, and has an exceptionally long bath life with customers reporting significant cost savings." 

The Thru-Cup MSC-PS Acid Cleaner is designed as a drop in replacement process for conventional vertical copper electroplating applications.  The Thru-Cup MSC-PS Acid Cleaner has minimal copper etching, and does not attack or damage dryfilm resists.

For more information about the Thru-Cup MSC-PS Acid Cleaner or any of Uyemura USA other products and services contact

About Uyemura USA

Uyemura USA is “powered by science, focused on customers by providing exceptional, problem-solving final finish technology solutions, electroplating chemistries for through hole and via filling, insoluble anodes, and cleaners for the IC packaging, printed circuit board, general metal finishing, aerospace, and healthcare industries.  Uyemura USA also has complementary state-of-the-art chemistries including MEC Company LTD, Umicore Galvanotechnik, and Europlasma.  For more information visit   



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