2015’s Most Read PCB News Items

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Infineon Acquires 9.4% Stake in Schweizer Electronic

By investing into Schweizer, Infineon emphasizes its intention to jointly develop technologies for the integration of power semiconductors into PCBs and to tap the chip embedding market for high-power automotive and industrial applications.

Lenthor Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Re-certification

Lenthor Engineering, Inc. has successfully completed its corporate ISO 9001:2008 re-certification.  The re-certification audit was performed at lenthor’s new 55k sq/ft corporate facilities in Milpitas, CA.

Isola Unveils New Technical Education Series

Isola Group S.à r.l., a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit Boards (PCBs), today announced the launch of a new technical education Series (TES) to address the increasingly important role of laminate materials in the overall process of system-level design.

N.A. PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio Strengthens

“Although North American PCB sales continued slightly below last year’s levels in February, bookings strengthened,” said Sharon Starr, IPC’s director of market research, “This increased the bookto-bill ratio,” she added. “The ratio has been in positive territory for the past five months, which is a positive indicator for sales growth in the first half of 2015.”

Invotec Acquisition Strengthens Amphenol’s Global Capabilities

The acquisition of Invotec, one of the global leaders in flex and flex-rigid PCB manufacturing, strengthens Amphenol’s global capabilities and product offering in the defense, industrial and aerospace industries.

Sparton Acquires Hunter Technology Corporation

Sparton Corporation announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sparton Hunter Corporation, completed a merger with Hunter Technology Corporation in a $55 million all-cash transaction. The merger is subject to certain and conditional post-closing adjustments.

Key PCB Makers Strategize to Meet Industry Demands

The computer/peripheral application is expected to witness the highest growth followed by the communication applications. Top industry players are going for partnership and strategic alliances to deliver unique solutions and to meet the constantly changing industry demands of customers.

Isola’s New Laminate Mitigates Skew in High Speed Designs

Isola Group today announced the introduction of Chronon, the company’s latest ultra-low loss, high-speed laminate and prepreg materials engineered to mitigate skew issues in high-speed designs that have differential pairs.

IPC Honors Volunteers for Contributions to the Industry

IPC presented committee leadership, distinguished committee Service, and Special recognition awards at IPC APEX EXPO at Mandalay Bay convention center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The awards were presented to individuals who made significant contributions to IPC and the industry by lending their time and expertise through IPC committee service.



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