Ventec International Group Grows U.S. Technical Team with the Appointment of Mark Nemecek

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Ventec International Group, a world leader in the production of polyimide & high reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs, today announced the appointment of Mark Nemecek to their United States technical team.

Mark Nemecek joins the US team as Technical Sales Engineer and will be providing engineering support activities to Ventec’s growing US customer base. Mark is widely recognized for his strong track record and over 30 years’ experience with material and chemistry aspects of the printed circuits industry.

Mark developed his extensive knowledge of PCB base materials during his 7-year employment at Polyclad Laminates – a manufacturer of laminate and prepreg materials to the PWB and electronics packaging industry - first as Technical Service Engineer and then as Process Engineer. His in-depth technical understanding of Ventec products was built through his role as Technical Manager at Global Laminates where he oversaw all technical aspects of the introduction of the Ventec product line to North America, set up and maintained the prepreg fab operation, sheeting, tooling and packaging at the Global Laminate’s warehouse, and defined & policed all corresponding operational procedures.

Among his previous roles, Mark worked on a plating line for Photocircuits and holds a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. He has also completed Lean Manufacturing training.

Jack Pattie, President, Ventec USA, commented: “Ventec’s technical team is one of the best in the industry. We set a stringent standard when it comes to our technical engineers and carefully select them to ensure we offer our customers the most up-to-date and concise technical information and support which is fundamental to their business success. We look forward to seeing this service continue to grow.”


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