Book Review: Meetings That Get Results

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Book Review

Meetings That Get Results: From the Brian Tracy Success Library

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Pages: 105 with index

This book is a must for every manager’s library.

How many times have you sat in seemingly interminable meetings waiting for the leader to get on with it and get to the point? How often have you watched two rival managers verbally sparring while everyone else at the meeting ducks to avoid the gorilla dust? Or worse yet, have you actually run a meeting like this one?

Then you need this little book, the latest addition to the Brian Tracy Success Library. Delving into this short read, you’ll find tips and tools that will ensure that you have run your last boring, ineffective meeting.

From the book:

  • Set a time limit for the meeting. If you say it will last two hours it will last two hours; if you say it will last 30 minutes it will last 30 minutes. Funny how that works.
  • Send out an agenda. The more detailed the agenda, the better the meeting will run.
  • Set goals. Decide what you want to get out of the meeting.
  • Decide who needs to attend the meeting and why. Be careful of associates in search of a meeting.
  • Check out the room. Always check out the room. You don’t want to be having a business seminar next to a Guns n’ Roses concert.
  • Set up the seating. The best is the horseshoe shape; the worst is theater style.

Tracy covers all types of meetings, from the large training sessions to the one-on-ones. He even describes how you should be sitting when having a one-on-one meeting (each of you at a corner of the table), how to get your point across, and how to listen.

As always, this is one of those Tracy books that you should keep around to refer to every time you are about to run a meeting, whether it’s with 100 people or one person. You will find valuable advice every time you open it.



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