Alba Elettronica Continues Technology Upgrades

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Italian PCB firm Alba Elettronica continues its technology upgrades with the installation of two Pluritec EVO microdrilling machines. The two new systems will be added to Alba’s existing pool of 16 Pluritec machines, making it possible for the company to fulfill more and more sophisticated requests coming from the PCB market.

The new machines, with three independent axis, all with linear motors, are equipped with a high-speed electrospindle (200K rpm), a CCD camera for automatic alignment, Z axis depth control, automatic tool change with magazine up to 1,400 tools. All these functions together with a top-quality machine stability will allow Alba Elettronica to meet the new market demands, which are more and more oriented towards multilayer-circuits with micro-holes as small as 0.10–0.15mm, depth-control of ±15 micron, buried holes.

Alberto Bacchin, Alba Elettronica’s general manager, said the company plans to continue its technology upgrades to further strengthen the company’s position in the PCB industry.

Alba Elettronica has been producing PCB for more than 25 years. Its products range from double-sided to high-density multilayers PCBs with up to 36 layers, in addition to rigid-flex circuits and dedicated applications.

About Pluritec

Now part of Pluriservice group, Pluritec was originally founded in 1968 and has a long and successful history in the printed circuits board industry.

Thanks to the long experience, professional skills and in-depth knowledge of the market the company develops, designs and manufactures equipment for the Printed Circuit Board fabrication.

Headquarter is in Burolo, (Turin, Italy) where the main offices and the assembly lines are located.

Our sales and service organisation formed by experienced and dedicated senior engineers grants global and timely support worldwide.

With more then 2,000 systems installed worldwide, we like to be considered a global supplier for our customers. Sales to foreign countries are over 90% of total.

We have geographical diversified markets with sales almost equally distributed in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, North America, India, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia to mention the most significant markets.

Our customer base is also quite diversified with several active accounts every year. We take sales and support seriously and serve our customer with a global network formed by experienced engineers.
Direct sales and service office are located in France, USA, Hong Kong.

Most of our agents have factory trained service engineers and spare parts stock available.


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