Gene Weiner: Congrats to Dan Beaulieu on Column 500

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Congratulations on achieving this milestone, Dan.

Column 500 contains enough fodder for many months of discussion, investigation and recommendations.

I well remember the Dimitri and his “vision” for Maine Electronics, the upstate NY fishing excursions with General Circuits, and many of the others. We conquered new worlds, overcame many obstacles, and learned to work together. Some of these companies were done in by the major OEMs such as Burroughs and Motorola. Others succumbed to the shift to Asia when OEMs and EMS companies squeezed margins in their search for the cheapest boards.

I have asked and will continue to ask some of the same questions you pose. More than 80% of America’s fabricators have no champion today. They, and we, must recognize the inevitability of change and must participate in it and help shape it rather than become its victims.

So, young man, my advice to you after having started my 60th year in the industry, is to continue to learn from our experiences and to further focus on helping the orphans of our industry.

The challenges are great. The opportunities greater!


Best regards,




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