Sunrise Electronics Offers Special Metal Core Technology

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Jigar Patel, Vice President of Sunrise Electronics has announced that his company is now offering a specialized metal core technology where the metal core product is in direct contact to the aluminum substrate providing a much better performance of the LED product.

“We developed this technology because some of our best customers were asking us for a way to gain better performance of their LED products. Basically this represents the essence of the way we like to do business. Our biggest challenge we faced for this type of build last year when our customer approached us was finding a way to get copper to plate to aluminum. After numerous combinations of surface preparation and treatment we were able to create a good bond from copper plating allowing us to give the LED a direct thermal contact. This coupled with the acquisition of the LENZ drill route we are accurately able to mill out the pocket with precise depth as well,” said Patel. "If a customer needs something, we like to delight them by adding it to our capabilities.”

About Sunrise Electronics

Founded in 1996 Sunrise Electronics is the printed circuit board industry’s leader provider of high technology, high reliability fast turnaround pcbs. Included in their high tech capabilities: BBV’s and Micro Via Technology, sequential lamination, Via in Pad (Epoxy and Silver filled), back drilling, thin capacitance layers, hybrid dielectric packages, Metal core fabrication and High speed & RF packages. They are committed to giving their customers the fastest PCB solutions available today they provide quotes in 4 hours or less, fabrication in 12 hours to 10 days and Standard lead times in 3 days.



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