Sunrise Electronics Acquires MASS Via Hole Fill and Planarization Equipment

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Sunrise Electronics has acquired and installed a new MASS Via Fill and Planarization system.

“This is a great piece of equipment for us as more and more of our customers’ requirements included via fill of both epoxy and silver. As the industries’ technology demands increase it is not only our goal but our mission to stay ahead of the curve. We feel that only by re-investing in our company will we be able to retain our technological edge over the rest of the market,” Ashok Patel, president and founder of Sunrise Electronics.

About Sunrise Electronics

Founded in 1996 Sunrise Electronics is the leading provider of high-technology, high reliability fast turnaround PCBs. Included in their high tech capabilities: BBV and microvia technology, sequential lamination, via in pad (epoxy and silver-filled), back-drilling, thin capacitance layers, hybrid dielectric packages, Metal core fabrication and High speed & RF packages. They are committed to giving their customers the fastest PCB solutions available today they provide quotes in 4 hours or less, fabrication in 12 hours to 10 days and standard lead times in 3 days.



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