Merlin Circuit Technology Receives Full UL Recognition and Approval for I-Tera MT40 Laminates and Prepregs

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Merlin Circuit Technology are proud to announce full UL recognition and approval for the manufacture of complex HDI and sequential lamination PCB’s, using Isola I-Tera MT40 laminates and prepregs. Low Dk and very low loss characteristics, coupled with excellent thermal robustness, work in parallel to help support the stringent demands of today’s high speed digital and RF/microwave designs. In addition, this new approval also covers Isola Tachyon 100G, designed to support future advancements in data transfer rates through the use of spread glass and low profile copper foil, resulting in faster rise times, reduced skew and jitter and increased eye width.

About Merlin PCB Group 

Merlin PCB Group manages the entire PCB supply chain from development, through production to end of life. Providing commercial advantage, high reliability and market leading service through our UK manufactured and low cost economy supply solutions. 



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