D.B. Management Group Forms Strategic Alliance with Frank Bevans Photography

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D.B. Management Group LLC, the PCB industry’s foremost consulting group, has announced a strategic partnership with Frank Bevans Photography.

"Frank Bevans is and always has been our industry's leading photographer. He has shot literally hundreds of electronics companies including his specialty PCB fabricators. By using his experience, talent and creativity he has produced some of the finest work our industry has ever seen," said Dan Beaulieu, president of D.B. Management Group. "From his unforgettable CircuiTree covers to his company tour videos and photos, he is the best in the business and that's why I am so enthusiastic about this alliance. From new marketing literature to web site illustrations to cyber plant tours, Frank Bevans Photography is the best in the business. At D.B. Management Group, our goal is to give our clients our very best when it comes to marketing, branding and corporate story telling. Frank Bevans Photography will play an integral part in achieving that goal."

"As a commercial photographer for 30 years, shooting for the PCB and a variety of other industries, I have upheld my reputation to supply each of my clients with excellent images that tell their unique story," added Bevans. "I appreciate Dan Beaulieu for his gracious introduction to my participation with D.B. Management Group. The future holds many opportunities for all industries to take advantage of new marketing tools and technologies. As companies within the printed circuit board industry and the supporting OEMs are challenged to attract new clients, I look forward to being of help with that process."



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