PCBCart Reduces PCB Prototyping Price to Support DIYers and Smaller Electronics Fabricators

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PCBCart, a China-based custom PCB manufacturing, assembly and parts sourcing service provider, recently brought down its PCB prototyping price as a support for independent and small electronics fabricating groups.

The choice to lower prototype prices was to encourage more people to step into electronics fabrication and to benefit existing electronics DIYers with proto boards currently starting from $0.21/pc. If proto customers wish to have PCBCart manufacture and solder their proto boards at the same time, they can enjoy extremely low assembly labor cost as well.

“For us, nothing is more significant in today’s society than the ability to think and create. It is this kind of ability that naturally leads to the incredible high-tech world. We love to contribute and be a part of creating something new and creative,” remarks Fiona, Sales and Marketing Manager for PCBCart. “By reducing prototyping price, we’re hoping to make electronics DIY available to all.”

About PCBCart’s Prototyping Service

Developing a new qualified PCB based solution can be a lengthy and laborious task. Yet, time and cost will greatly influence project’s success. One effective method to save time and cost is to do a prototype for function test before full production. Clients can adjust the design based on the prototype’s performance and bring a perfect project eventually.  

PCBCart’s PCB prototyping service offers full-scaled circuit board production features. PCBs will be built with IPC Class 1 Quality Standard within 2-7 days based on clients’ custom requirements. It is worth mentioning that advanced assembly options are open for prototyping clients, including assembly type (SMT, through hole), service options (lead-free, RoHS-compliant), component types (BGA), SMT parts presentation (bulk, cut tape), solder types (lead-free, RoHS compliant) etc.

About PCBCart

Established in 2005, PCBCart has been providing quality guaranteed yet cost effective full turnkey PCB services for worldwide manufacturers and engineers. It has been regarded as a preferred China PCB solution provider by international clients. Visit www.pcbcart.com.



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