Zubelzu Printed Circuit Boards Installs ATG A7/A Testing Unit

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European PCB manufacturer Zubelzu Printed Circuit Boards has announced the complete integration of a fully automatic electrical test machine to its PCB production Factory in Irún, Spain.

Zubelzu Printed Circuit Boards is proud to announce the purchase of an A7/A unit from the leading German supplier ATG/Lm; this machine was installed last May, and after the setup and training period, is now fully operational.

This acquisition is part of Zubelzu’s 2016 investment plan, which is mainly focused on strengthening the company’s electrical test area.

“After evaluating several options, we selected this machine mainly due to its high productivity, its advanced automation system and, above all, its precision. This will allow us to implement a high quality electrical test process in high density boards,” explained Mr. Juan Carlos Oca, technical manager of Zubelzu.

About Zubelzu

Founded in 1979, Zubelzu Printed Circuit Boards is a leading European manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards. Mainly focused on double-sided and multilayer PCBs, their headquarters and production activity is located at Irun (Basque Country), Spain. The company’s main customers (medium-sized companies) are well-known factories across Europe.



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