LPKF Sells First MicroLine 5000 in Japan

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LPKF unveiled a new high-end laser system for drilling and cutting flexible circuit boards in March this year. Now, the first system has been sold to Sagami PCI, a client from Japan.

The MicroLine 5000 uses a UV laser and tops off the LPKF MicroLine series. It is extremely rapid and precise. This makes it possible to process large numbers of flexible circuit boards and simultaneously reduce the per-unit costs. "This means that the MicroLine 5000 fills a market niche", explains Nils Heininger, Managing Director of the Production segment at LPKF.

Japanese clients are known for their extremely high quality and cost requirements. The company Sagami PCI will be using the system for processing particularly sensitive circuit boards for consumer electronics, among other applications. Sagami PCI is specialized in drilling and routing services for printed wiring boards and various materials. They are well known as one of the biggest drilling job shops in Japan.

"The MicroLine 5000 will allow our clients to streamline their production process even further", says Nils Heininger. "We are glad to have made our first sale and about the positive feedback overall on the market."

About LPKF

Established in 1976, LPKF Laser & Electronics manufactures milling machines and laser systems used in circuit board and microelectronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. LPKF’s worldwide headquarters is located in Hannover, Germany and its North American headquarters resides near Portland, Ore.



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