Bay Area Circuits Enhances PCB Online Store

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Bay Area Circuits has announced new benefits and improvements of its printed circuit board (PCB) online store. The new additions to its online store will further enable Bay Area Circuits to set the standard for quality, on-time shipping and customer satisfaction. 

“In the wake of Bay Area Circuit’s significant year over year eCommerce business growth, the ecosystem of electrical & design engineers has expanded,” said Brian Paper, chief operating officer of Bay Area Circuits. “We’re thrilled with the increased level of engagement and expect the enhancements to our online buying experience will strengthen our relationships with the engineering community.”

Among the recent enhancements are the following:

  • The Customer Guarantee Policies for on-time orders and quality standards have now been expanded to ALL products offered online. If an order does not meet the standards of quality that Bay Area Circuits holds itself to, the printed circuit boards will be replaced and customers will be issued a full credit towards their next order. Similarly, if an order does not meet its expected delivery date, the customer will be issued a full credit on his/her next order.
  • Customers who place an order for $150 or more are now eligible for Free Shipping. By using the discount code: SHIP4FREE, customers can receive their orders via UPS Ground anywhere in the continental United States absolutely free of any shipping charges.
  • Through its industry-first Rewards Program, which provides customers with substantial savings on future purchases by earning rewards points on qualifying purchases, customers can now earn even more points upon enrolling and also for referring friends to join the program.  
  • Manufacturing specifications have been reformatted to be more detailed and user-friendly. Options now have more technical information available in a format that is easier for users to find and review when working with specific requirements. There are also new links to the many other resources that Bay Area Circuit’s website has to better assist customers with all of their engineering & purchasing needs.
  • Surface finish options have been expanded as well. Online selections now include HASL, HASL (lead-free), silver and ENIG for most products.

For more information regarding any of the new additions to Bay Area Circuits online store, click here.

About Bay Area Circuits Inc.

Founded in 1975 by the late Lawrence Nobriga, Bay Area Circuits has been serving the PCB manufacturing needs of high-tech electronics manufacturers, contract assemblers and design engineers for over 40 years. By focusing on quick-turn prototyping and production while leveraging innovative, high quality designs, Bay Area Circuits has become the premiere PCB supplier for discerning customers around the world.



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