Uyemura’s George Milad Addresses IPC Designers Council

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George Milad, Uyemura National Accounts Manager for Technology, will conduct an important workshop on HASL Alternative Finishes, at PCB West. The workshop will be held Wednesday September 14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

This workshop will cover electroless nickel/ immersion gold (ENIG); electroless nickel/ electroless palladium/ immersion gold (ENEPIG); electroless palladium/ immersion gold (EPIG); immersion silver; immersion tin, and OSP.

Deposit description, thickness requirements, method of manufacturing, shelf life, application, limitations and relative cost will be explored in detail, from design through assembly. A complete update on IPC specifications will also be presented.

Milad was recently honored by IPC for his leadership as Chair of the Plating Committee and completion of the amended ENEPIG specification.


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