Anaheim Tech Center Showcases Pluritec, Ecospray & Limata Equipment

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Circuit board manufacturing equipment provider Pluritec has partnered with laser direct imaging producer Limata to host Southern California's Technology Center. This west coast addition augments Pluritec’s North American headquarters in Bohemia, New York, making it more convenient for customers in the west to see the equipment in operation. Customer experience will be enhanced with local service, support and spare parts availability on the west coast as well. Additionally, the tech center will showcase latest technology offerings, hands-on testing/evaluation, and a focused training environment for continued customer and employee skills development. Visitors will be able to learn about affordable LDI systems on up through fully automated production systems at the center.

About Pluritec

Now part of Pluriservice group, Pluritec was originally founded in 1968 and has a long and successful history in the printed circuits board industry.

Headquartered in Turin, Italy, the company develops, designs and manufactures equipment for PCB fabrication and has over 2,000 installations worldwide.

About Limata

Limata develops and manufactures industry level precision Direct Imaging equipment for the PCB production based on UV LED and UV Laser technology.



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