Prototron a Key Sponsor of Boston Geek-A-Palooza

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Prototron Circuits has announced that their company will be one of the Key Sponsors at next week’s Geek-A-Palooza to be held at the Hynes Convention Center at 900 Boylston St. in Boston on Wednesday, September 21 from 5 to 8 PM. Prototron National Sales Manager Russ Adams will be attending along with Joan Goodwin, Prototron’s New England salesperson.

Ryder said, “We feel that Geek-A-Palooza is one of the best events that has come around in a long time. It is one of the few events that is truly people driven and customer focused allowing vendors and their customers an opportunity to meet and greet and get to know one another in a casual and social manner. Personally I predict that this young event is going to go a long way in helping us communicate with one another. We are very proud to be supporting Geek through our sponsorship.”

About Prototron

In business since 1987, Prototron is one of the industry leaders when it comes to high technology quick-turn printed circuit boards. Their continued outstanding performance (98%+ quality and delivery) has made them a preferred source of all companies needing reliable QTA PCBs. Prototron Circuits is truly America’s board shop.

Prototron has facilities in Redmond, Washington and Tucson, Arizona. For more information, click here.



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