AISMALIBAR North America to Exhibit at Ford Advanced Lighting Innovation Expo

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AISMALIBAR is happy to announce their exhibit and presentation at the Ford Advanced Lighting Innovation Expo (ALIE) show in Dearborn, Michigan, October 5-6, 2016.  The two-day expo is a unique, ground-breaking opportunity to network with top global OEMS, manufacturers, engineers, buyers and designers directly involved in new and innovative automotive lighting technology. AISMALIBAR will be presenting at the private exhibitor showcase at 1:00pm on October 6 and can be found at booth 11 throughout the duration of the expo. 

Jeff Brandman, President of AISMALIBAR North American remarks, “We are very excited about our invitation to exhibit and present at the 2016 FORD ALIE. Aismalibar has a long history with automotive in Europe and we’re fortunate that many of the lighting TIER 1’s in the USA are seeing the value in our product offerings.”

AISMALIBAR is a global leader for insulated metal substrates used in the manufacturing of automotive lighting. With strong relationships with many TIER 1 suppliers their products can be found in lighting for many vehicles manufactured around the world and are in current generation Ford, Mercedes, Audi and BMW vehicles among others.

AISMALIBAR will be showcasing their newest high technology Insulated Metal Substrates - COBRITHERM Ultra-Thin, FLEXTHERM and FASTHERM.

Ultra-Thin was developed with a dielectric layer thickness of only 35 microns that provides higher thermal performance and excellent working temperatures. This product is well suited for high-end LED applications.

FLEXTHERM is ideal for conformable MPCB manufacturing. It can be bent after MCPCB production while still maintaining the initial dielectric strength in between conductive layers.

FASTHERM was developed by AISMALIBAR to achieve a faster thermal transition from the LED thermal pad to the heat sink. This technology allows LEDs to operate at a temperature 30°C to 50°C lower due to the direct thermal transition from the thermal pad to the heat sink.

For more information on these products and more, visit them at the show in booth #11.


AISMALIBAR was one of the first IMS laminate manufacturers in the world and was the first in Europe. AISMALIBAR is proud to introduce their material to the North American market in 2012. Their product IMS Cobritherm ® is a qualified and recognized Insulated Metal Substrate which gives the best thermal management solutions with high thermal conductivity, low thermal impedance and high dielectric capacity. AISMALIBAR has implement a 100% proof test with 1-3KV (High Pot Test) to all IMS laminates coming out of their plant. This is the only way to insure the dialectical strength is perfect and that production problems are detected before PCBs arrive to the end user.



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