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Rockwell Collins’ Doug Pauls Discusses Volunteering, Mentoring and their Road Show
05/22/2017 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
Ding Cheng of BYD Electronic: Embracing the FPC Factory Model of the Future
05/12/2017 | Tulip Gu, I-Connect007
Executive Agent for PCB and Electronic Interconnect Technology PrCB Trust Accreditation
05/08/2017 | Steve Vetter, Richard Snogren and John Timler, Ph.D.
Help Wanted—and How!
05/05/2017 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
Innovating in the Technology of Stretchable PCBs
05/02/2017 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
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Book Review: Beating the Workplace Bully

There’s the woman who conned her co-worker into buying her coffee on the first day and then made it a daily event. Or the boss who was always threatening to fire his staff and telling them, “There’s blood in the water.” Or the supervisor who told her new employee on the first day that it was not her choice to hire her, because she had only worked in a small firm and “did not have the sophistication this corporate position needs. You don’t even dress properly.” This great book is full of such terrible people.

It’s Only Common Sense: Your Ads Need a Call to Action!

Do you advertise? Do you spend your hard-earned dollars trying to get your name out there, only to feel that you are just throwing your money down a rabbit hole? I bet your ads don’t promote anything that will get your customers to take action. Your ads should include a call to action.

The Fascinating Possibilities of Medical Electronics

I see the medical electronics industry today as overlapping several of the traditional market divisions—computer (from the doctor’s office to you to the hospital to caregivers), communications (think of it as “telehealth”), consumer (it’s for us, right?), industrial equipment and of course medical. And who knows when it will also encompass automotive and milaero? But let’s not forget security, since equipment and wearables are definitely part of the Internet of Things.

A Conversation with Canice Chung, TTM Technologies

We had the opportunity to sit down with Canice Chung, Executive Vice President of TTM Technologies, Inc. to discuss the current trends and challenges of PCB Manufacturing in China.
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