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A Conversation with Gene Weiner
03/30/2017 | Barry Matties and Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
RTW IPC APEX EXPO: New Dimensions in Fine-Pitch Probe Testing from Microcraft
03/30/2017 | Real Time with...IPC
RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Updates on Formulations for Direct Imaging and Inkjet Technologies
03/29/2017 | Real Time with...IPC
Capitol Connection: Drumroll, Please…Announcing the IPC Government IMPACT Awardees
03/28/2017 | John Hasselmann, IPC
EIPC Workshop on PCB BioMEMS
03/28/2017 | Alun Morgan, European Institute of Printed Circuits
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It’s Only Common Sense: Your Ads Need a Call to Action!

Do you advertise? Do you spend your hard-earned dollars trying to get your name out there, only to feel that you are just throwing your money down a rabbit hole? I bet your ads don’t promote anything that will get your customers to take action. Your ads should include a call to action.

Book Review: Meetings That Get Results

In this short but amazing book, Brian Tracy covers all types of meetings, from the large training sessions to the one-on-ones. He even describes how you should be sitting when having a one-on-one meeting (each of you at a corner of the table), how to get your point across, and how to listen.

CES 2016 Wrap-Up, Part 2: The Road Less Traveled

There was plenty to see on the show floor at CES 2016. But we found an entirely new universe of products to learn about and explore. We found such a dimension in the semi-private suites located on the upper floors of the Venetian, the Westgate, Mandalay Bay and other hotels. I'll spend a day in these suites next year!

IPC: Connecting Electronics Industries

John Mitchell, president and CEO of IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries, provides the basic overview of the association—its goals and basic mission, activities, and how it best serves its membership. He also provides a snapshot of how IPC promotes technology development in the industry through standardization.

Quality Assurance Through Testing

The PCB Magazine columnist Todd Kolmodin of Gardien Services discusses the challenges related to the electrical testing of high-density PCBs, and what is required to meet IPC and military specifications.

A Conversation with Canice Chung, TTM Technologies

We had the opportunity to sit down with Canice Chung, Executive Vice President of TTM Technologies, Inc. to discuss the current trends and challenges of PCB Manufacturing in China.
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