Gene Weiner: Setting the Standard

March 28, 2023 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007

Patty Goldman catches up with Gene Weiner, the longest-serving member of IPC, about his experience meeting with the next generation of engineers in IPC’s Emerging Engineers program through a unique contest held at IPC APEX EXPO 2023. Weiner, who has attended well over 60 annual IPC meetings, shared his unflagging optimism and the lessons he’s learned over his illustrious career with the young professionals who managed to find him at the show. With so much still to do, Weiner has no plans to retire any time soon; he’s already hard work helping IPC develop a new program to support aspiring managers in the industry.

I was pleased to see that President Biden mentioned the CHIPS Act during the State of the Union Address this year. That bill succeeded because lawmakers saw semiconductor manufacturing as a pressing national level issue. The CHIPS Act is a great first step in restoring one aspect of high-tech American manufacturing. What is missing from the dialogue in Washington is the rest of the microelectronics ecosystem.



It’s Only Common Sense: It Never Hurts to Ask for Help

March 27, 2023 | Dan Beaulieu, DB Management

When you just can’t make any headway with a customer, have exhausted all your own resources and ideas, and don’t feel that you have another move left in you, it’s time to call for help. Time to send the flares up and...

The Big Picture: A New Globalization

March 20, 2023 | Mehul Davé, Linkage Technologies

Globalism—the ideology behind globalization that has formed the foundation for increasing interconnectedness and integration amongst different countries and cultures—is currently facing a range of threats. Today, due to...

Punching Out: Selling a Business vs. Selling a Board

March 14, 2023 | Tom Kastner, GP Ventures, Ltd.

Over the years, you became an expert at selling products, so much so that it became second nature. Now, it is time to sell the business, and suddenly you are feeling uncomfortable. Many owners become educated by experiencing...

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