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Change is hard. The events of 2020 have certainly made that clear—as if we needed reminding. 2020 is holding true to that old saying, “You can either choose change, or change will choose you.”

That thought brought us back to TQM. Total quality management (TQM) is a business management methodology wherein employees are empowered to improve processes—and therefore, product quality—continuously.

This TQM issue features an interview with two I-Connect007 technical editors. IPC Hall-of-Famer Dan Feinberg discusses “Lessons Learned From Past Applications of TQM.” Happy Holden retrieves some of Deming’s lost chapters after uncovering pre-publication drafts of Deming’s 1985 book that he received as training handouts at Hewlett-Packard from Deming himself. Dana Korf discusses focusing on the impact of data, and Steve Williams shares his thoughts on emotional manufacturing intelligence. PCB Norsemen Didrik Bech tackles the issue’s theme with his column, “The Importance of Quality Management.”

This issue is jam-packed with columnists as well. Dr. John Mitchell tackles “Problem Solving While Innovating,” and George Milad covers “Minimizing Signal Transmission Loss in High-Frequency Circuits.” Steve Williams continues with Part 3 of his “Guerilla Tactics to Pass Any QMS Audit” series, and Mike Carano launches a new column series titled “A Process Engineer’s Guide to Advanced Troubleshooting.”

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Quality and Continuous Improvement

02/24/2021 | Patrick Valentine, UYEMURA USA
The concern for quality control and reduced product variation can be traced back centuries. Archaic quality control methods were used by the Xia Dynasty in 2100 BC in ancient China. During the late 1290s in medieval Europe, guilds—the pre-cursor to unions—were responsible for product and service quality. From 1700 to 1900, product quality was determined by the individual craftsman’s efforts. At the close of the 19th century, Eli Whitney introduced standardized, interchangeable parts to simplify assembly.

Catching up With QCMS General Manager Rick McAnally

11/25/2020 | Dan Beaulieu, D.B. Management Group
Founded in 2007, QCMS is one of the more interesting EMS companies on the East Coast. They are actually a sister company to Niche Electronics located in Pennsylvania. Dan Beaulieu interviews QCMS General Manager Rick McAnally.

Real Time with… AltiumLive 2020: Würth Virtual Factory Tour

10/13/2020 | Dan Feinberg, Technology Editor, I-Connect007
Since AltiumLive this year is a virtual event, coverage is limited to watching some of the presentations virtually. Dan Feinberg describes how he was pleasantly surprised with the quality and excellence of the Würth virtual factory tour.

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