I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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In industry news this week, there are plenty of hopeful signs as the world begins to emerge from what seems like a long, cold winter. I was surprised to learn just how much M&A activity had taken place over the last year in the EMS segment, even during less-than-optimum times. Once again, this industry has proven to be very resilient. Check it out. 

This week’s five items were sourced from all I-Connect007’s various news sources and publications, including Design007, PCB007, SMT007, The Daily Newsletter, and our weekly newsletters for SMT007, Design007, and MilAero007. Next week, Nolan Johnson will make his selections.

Rick Hartley bigger.JPGLetter to the Editor: Rick Hartley Offers Addendum on App Notes

by Rick Hartley
Published June 11, 2020

We recently interviewed instructors Rick Hartley and Dan Beeker for a feature in the June 2020 issue of Design007 Magazine that focused on app notes. After the issue was published, Rick reached out to us with a letter to the editor, explaining a few more points that he wanted to make. Among them: “Simply put, app engineers do not understand how PCBs work.” The app notes issue continues to be, well, an issue.

Punching Out! 20 EMS Deals in the Past 12 Months

by Tom Kastner
Published June 15, 2020

It may seem like we’ve been stuck in some kind of alternate reality for the past four months, but business is continuing, and deals are being made—constantly. In his latest column, Tom Kastner discusses the 20 EMS mergers and acquisitions that have been inked in the last year. Even the COVID-19 lockdown couldn’t stop this industry’s M&A activity.

Sunstone Circuits Continues to Invest in the Future

by Sunstone Circuits
Published June 18, 2020

Some companies in our industry have dialed back their plans for the remainder of 2020, but Sunstone Circuits has been busy investing in new equipment. The Oregon-based fabricator has recently installed a HASL machine, a flying probe electrical tester, and a high-speed drill system. Is your company planning to upgrade its equipment, processes, and systems?

Lean Digital Thread: Realizing ROI Starts With Making Smart Data

by Sagi Reuven
Published June 17, 2020

In his first SMT007 column, Sagi Reuven of Siemens Digital Industries explains why true ROI begins with smart data. We’re surrounded by more and more data every day, but as Sagi says, “It’s not just about collecting data: it’s about making the data smart.” Check back to read Sagi’s columns, which he plans to use as a “sandbox” for brainstorming. 

DownStream Technologies Update With Joe Clark

by Andy Shaughnessy
Published June 17, 2020

In this audio interview, Joe Clark, co-founder of DownStream Technologies, explains how the company continued operating during the pandemic, as well as its plans to move forward in the coming months as the U.S. and the rest of the world begins to reopen. He also discusses DownStream’s drive to present training webinars as the industry gets back on track. I think it’s safe to say that webinars are going to continue to grow in popularity in our industry, even when things get back to “normal.” It's nice to see shows like PCB West and SMTA International scheduled to take place this fall.



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