PV Nano Cell Launches New Program for Turnkey Printing Solutions Focused on Mass-Production Customers

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PV Nano Cell Ltd., (the “Company”), an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, today announced it has launched a new, mass-production customer focused program to offer turnkey printing solutions for high-volume manufacturing.

Last year PV Nano Cell launched its upgraded solution offering for the printed electronics, mass-production applications. The company designed & implemented a complete solution approach that allows customers to fully realize the potential of additive manufacturing through inkjet-based electronics printing for mass production applications. The solution includes a wide selection of inks, conductive inks, printers and the printing process. As part of the solution, the company offers printing cycles meant to enable companies an affordable way to test digital conductive printing easily, quickly and efficiently. When the test results prove the viability, customers can proceed and use the complete solution.

Today, the company announced that in the past few months it has made remarkable advancements in developing and implementing turnkey solutions for mass-production printing customers. These turnkey solutions include full implementation of the printing solution in the customer's automated production line.

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, "We recently submitted a proposal for a turnkey solution where we will not only offer the inks, printer and printing process but we will also be in charge of building the production line at the customer's facility. A significant part of implementing the turnkey solution will be to provide full automation and integration between the overall production line and the printing line segment. We see this important evolution materializing in an increasing number of mass-production projects and are therefore offering a turnkey service where we implement the printing solution in the customer's production line. The company is already heavily involved in such turnkey solutions related to the energy and healthcare markets."

PV Nano Cell’s Chief of Business Development Officer, Mr. Hanan Markovich commented, "The new turnkey printing solutions we now offer to mass-production customers is aimed at simplifying the adoption and use of digital conductive printing. PV Nano Cell is inviting high volume manufacturers to discuss their development and manufacturing goals and requirements so we may tailor the appropriate solution for them. This approach offers risk-free feasibility testing, followed by solution implementation according to customer requirements."



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