PCB East 2021: Call for Abstracts

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In response to customer demand, PCB East returns to Boston for 2021 for the first time since 2009.

The three-day technical conference takes place May 10-12, 2021, in Marlborough, MA. The event includes a one-day exhibition on May 11.

“PCB East is a much-needed opportunity for the design community to get together and check out the latest technology,” said Mike Buetow, editor in chief, PCD&F/CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY and conference director, PCB East. “The show is expected to include a range of suppliers from the ECAD, PCB design service, fabrication and assembly supply chain. As Covid-19 has slowed national travel, locally-focused events like PCB East have become vital networking and selling opportunities.” 

UP Media Group seeks abstracts for the event, which will include presentations of two, 3.5 and seven hours. 

Suggested paper and presentation topics include: 


  • RF and microwave design 
  • Signal integrity 
  • High-speed, high-frequency design
  • Flex circuit design 
  • Component placement 
  • EMI/EMC analysis 
  • Thermal analysis and management 
  • HDI design 
  • PCB design/layout basics 
  • Component library creation and management 
  • Design for manufacture/DfM/DfA/DfT/DfX 
  • Packaging design 
  • Mixed-signal design 
  • Area arrays 
  • FPGA design and implementation 
  • Design team collaboration 


  • PCB fabrication 
  • Flexible circuit manufacturing 
  • HDI 
  • Surface finishes 
  • Embedded passives and active devices 


  • Electronics assembly 
  • New component packaging 
  • Screen and stencil printing 
  • Component placement 
  • Soldering and materials 
  • Test and inspection

Papers and presentations must be noncommercial in nature and should focus on technology, techniques or methodology. 

Abstracts of 100 to 500 words and speaker biographies should be submitted to UP Media Group by December 11, 2020. 

Anyone may submit an abstract to present a course at PCB East 2021, and presenters may present more than one paper or teach more than one course. A separate abstract must be submitted for each course. 

If selected, a detailed presentation outline and final paper or presentation is due April 2, 2021. Selected presenters receive access to the entire technical conference and the proceedings.



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