Cicor Shareholders Approve All Proposals

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At the Annual General Assembly of Cicor Technologies Ltd. on April 15, 2021, the shareholders approved all proposals. The General Assembly approved the proposal to distribute CHF 1.00 per registered share from the capital contribution reserve. This dividend will be paid to shareholders, free of transaction charges and withholding tax, from April 22, 2021.

At this year’s General Assembly of Cicor Technologies Ltd., at which shareholders were able to exercise their voting rights exclusively by granting authorization and giving instructions to the independent proxy, due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the shareholders approved all proposals. The Meeting approved the 2020 annual report, annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and appropriation of the balance sheet result; it also granted discharge to the members of the board of directors and management for the 2020 financial year. In addition, the Board of Directors’ total remuneration for the next term of office and the approval of the fixed and variable remuneration elements for management were endorsed for the following financial year. The Meeting also approved the proposal to distribute CHF 1.00 per registered share from the capital contribution reserve. 

The Annual General Meeting elected Daniel Frutig as the new chairman of the Board of Directors and successor to Robert Demuth, who did not stand for re-election. Furthermore, Dr. Rüdiger Merz was elected as a new member of the Board of Directors. The existing members Andreas Dill and Erich Haefeli were re-elected. Andreas Dill, Daniel Frutig and Dr. Rüdiger Merz were also elected as members of the remuneration committee.

The independent proxy, lawyer Pascal Moesch (Athemis, Rue Jaquet-Droz 32, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds) and the auditing department of KPMG AG, Zurich, were also appointed by the Annual General Assembly for a further.



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