Candor Industries Enhances Registration Capabilities With Optical Registration

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Candor Industries have enhanced their registration capabilities with the addition of a Pin-Less Registration System™ (PRS) developed by DIS, Inc. of Islandia, N.Y. The PRS machine is designed to replace the antiquated and expensive tooling of pin lay-up. Through the use of proprietary Optical Registration™ and SmartWeld™, the PRS aligns and bonds inner-layers and pre-preg, eliminating the need for excess tooling.

A vision and positioning system sequentially align and clamp layers together utilizing a full platen, assuring coplanarity and accuracy. The aligned multi-layers are welded together with SmartWeld™, the patented coupled induction welding system developed by DIS Inc.

In addition, Optical Registration™ provides an opportunity to utilize X-ray inspection to quantify registration of welded multi-layers prior to lamination. The panel can then be measured after lamination, providing the data to analyze the lamination process and take corrective actions if necessary.

The process has been in use worldwide at both high tech and high-volume shops over the past several years. Some of the leading-edge requirements placed on PCB shops utilizing pin technologies are not able to be met unless they introduce Optical Registration.

This year Candor invested US$1.2 million in new technology like Optical Registration by DIS Inc, Induction Lamination Press, Inkjet Soldermask and Idents, Direct Imaging unit. All this new equipment will give them better registration for their Land Less via technology.

About Candor Industries

Candor Industries is one of Canada’s leading environmentally friendly circuit board manufacturers.  As the only manufacturer globally to perfect liquid photo-imageable resist (PiP) in electrolytic form, Candor’s panel plating process creates highly uniform surface copper distribution. This leads to excellent impedance matching results, landless via formation and superior fine line features. The PiP process replaces many undesirable products and chemistries from fabrication processes found in the majority of PCB shops around the world.

About DIS Inc.

DIS Inc. is a worldwide leader in optical registration systems for the printed circuit board industry and an innovative producer of inner-layer/sub-lam registration and welding equipment. DIS has developed Direct Optical Registration™, a new method of optically registering and welding inner-layers/sub-lam such that registration is improved by eliminating mechanical tooling, operational cycle times are reduced and process flexibility is increased all while significantly reducing operating costs. For more information, visit



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