Dan’s Biz Bookshelf: Book Review—Winning the War for Talent

Winning the War for Talent: Recruit, Retain, and Develop the Talent Your Business Needs to Survive and Thrive

In the first chapter of his book on hiring, author Chris Czarnik discusses the differences between boomers and millennials: boomers wanted security while millennials want purpose and social consciousness. Boomers wanted to support their family while millennials want work that they are passionate about. Boomers, at 79 million, were 34% of our country’s population, while millennials, at 70 million, make up only 20% of our population. When the boomers were first looking for jobs, they were at the severe disadvantage of there being too many of them and too few jobs; today, there are too many jobs and too few millennials.

These details are combined with what the author calls the “Silver Tsunami.” Boomers are aging out, which has caused the current issues of bringing new young people not only into our industries but into our companies as well. This is what we are facing today.

This book is what we do about it.

Czarnik rightfully points out that our HR departments must be in “sales mode”; they must be out selling to young people about joining their companies. They have to make positions in their companies and overall industries appealing to the people they are trying to hire.

He suggests that we create a “Target Employee Profile” describing exactly the right people we want to hire. This profile must include not only the job description but the things the ideal candidate is interested in outside of the company.

Then, the company must develop a career profile to show the right candidates not only what the job will entail but where it will lead as well. The company must show the candidate the place she can go—the career path she can expect if she joins the company.

Social consciousness must also be highlighted to the prospective candidate, including the good things the company is contributing to their community and the world. They should show the candidate that they will allow paid leave to work on these specific and worthwhile projects.

The author completes the book with a detailed description of what the company must do to develop the next generation of leaders for the future of their company and the industry as well.

This is a very important and timely book. It is perfect for the time we are experiencing as we struggle to replace our aging work force with a new wave of vibrant educated, talented, and passionate young people.

This book is a valuable handbook for building the future of your company. Buy it and read it. It will be the best investment you’ve made this year.

Book_Winning_war_talent.jpgWinning the War for Talent: Recruit, Retain, and Develop the Talent Your Business Needs to Survive and Thrive

By Chris Czarnik

Publisher: Simple Truths (Aug. 1, 2020)

Hardcover/e-book: 152 pages

Price: $16.99/$3.82

Dan Beaulieu is president of D.B. Management Group.




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