All About Flex: Imaging Methods for Etch Resist, Part 3: LDI

June 28, 2016 | Dave Becker, All Flex Flexible Circuits LLC

When LDI technology was first introduced around 20 years ago, throughput was an issue. LDI was often restricted to low volume or prototype runs. Subsequent advances in equipment as well as faster acting photoresist have made it practical for high volume circuit fabrication.

Against the Density Wall: Landless Vias Might be the Answer

June 27, 2016 | Happy Holden, PCB Technologist-Retired

I saw my first landless via multilayer while visiting NEC in Japan in 1985. You may not know much about landless vias. This has been a well-kept secret for the last 30 years, possibly because it is not permitted on military boards, and therefore, discouraged in all IPC standards. So when a company showed us their landless via boards, we said, "You can't do that!"


Company Leaders Must Visit Customers Too

It's Only Common Sense by Dan Beaulieu
Sales managers, you have to visit customers. In fact, GMs, presidents, quality managers, and even company owners need to visit customers whenever they get the opportunity. Why are we satisfied to just sit back and have salespeople do customer translations for us? Why are we happy (or often unhappy) with the information that our salespeople bring back from our customers? Why are we settling for communicating through our salespeople? Managers, get out and visit customers, and get to know them on a personal, first-name basis.

Producibility and Other Figures of Merit

Happy's Essential Skills by Happy Holden
Metrics are data and statistically backed measures. It is always expedient to base decisions on data and metrics, for example, in PCB design. These measures can be density, first-pass yield connectivity or in this context, producibility. These measures are the basis for predicting and planning a printed circuit design. But what if a metric doesn’t exist? Then you can create the next best measure, the Figure of Merit

Our IoT Lives

The Right Approach by Steve WIlliams
In March, at the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO show in Las Vegas, the next big thing everyone was talking about was the Internet of Things (IoT). Equipment manufacturers were standing in line to tout their machines as IoT-capable and just waiting for the industry to catch up. But the IoT has been at play in our personal lives for quite a while…
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