A Brief Tutorial on Embedded Capacitors

June 26, 2017 | Jesse Ward, COMPUNETICS, INC.

Compunetics has been operating in the embedded components market for more than 20 years. Initially driven by their parent company’s need for high layer-count, high-density embedded capacitance cards for their OEM product offerings, technology and processes were developed which are mature and reliable.

A Twist on Printed Electronics: Printing on 3D Shapes

June 23, 2017 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007

Barry Matties speaks with Optomec’s Pascal Pierra about their LENS printer systems and Aerosol Jet technology, which allows manufacturers to print applications like sensors and antennas on 3D objects. The process is significantly faster and greener than competing technologies.


It’s Only Common Sense: It’s Not a Job; It’s a Career

June 26, 2017 | Dan Beaulieu, DB Management

No matter what business you’re in, finding and convincing young people to join your sales team is a challenge at best and almost impossible at worst. As the work force ages, so do the number of great salespeople we have;...

The Right Approach: Is Exceptional Service Worth a 40% Cost Increase?

June 23, 2017 | Steve Williams, The Right Approach Consulting

“When did this happen?” I asked myself during a recent visit to my men’s only barber shop as I noticed that my $10 haircut was now $14. While I vaguely remember the price going up a little every couple of years, I...

Through-hole etchback is a requirement that is sometimes specified on medical, military and aerospace procurement documents for multilayer flexible circuits and combination multilayer flex/rigid board circuits. It specifically relates...

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