Royal Circuits Invests in Additional HASL Machines from New Technology Overman

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California-based circuit board manufacturer, Royal Circuits has purchased and successfully installed their second new hot air solder leveling machine from New Technology Overman (NTO) and have placed an order for a third machine to be delivered in February of this year. The new machine allows Royal Circuits to now process both tin/lead and lead free HASL in house.

The NTO HASL machines are said to be the most precise vertical HASL machines made. It utilizes a variable speed linear unit with drive motor for the arm movement and a separate heat exchanger, both controlled by the PLC. NTO has always supplied their machines with titanium clamps and air knifes for the best possible finish available with no solder sticking to either, as well as a robust pumping system with a variable speed that will go into standby mode when not in operation, thus saving the solder life. These machines were ordered with the remote access modem so the factory can see in real time and, if requested, any issues they may have. This also allows for any needed software upgrades.

Milan Shah, President of Royal Circuits states, "We wanted to offer our customers the ability to do all processes in house and the NTO Model 2424LF HASL machine will help us do that. The NTO HASL units have proven to be reliable precision machines with easy maintenance and superior quality surface finish."

About Royal Circuit Solutions

Headquartered in Hollister, California, Royal Circuit Solutions is a one stop shop for PCB projects from design to assembly as well as unsurpassed technical support and customer service for accounts across the U.S. and around the world. The company specializes in advanced technology (blind via, buried via, epoxy via fills, controlled impedance etc) PCB manufacture. Its core quick-turn capability is utilized for development of prototypes (PCBs) and medium production runs, over a time horizon, which stretches from 24 hours to several weeks with normal lead times of 1 to 10 days. Royal’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff combined with the cutting edge equipment ensures customer success. For more information, click here.

About New Technology Overman (NTO)

Netherlands-based New Technology Overman specializes in designing, developing, drawing and manufacturing of mechanical parts, machines, and equipment for surface treatment processes in the PCB industry, specializing in HASL machines and automatic or manual vertical plating lines. 

NTO strives to be a substantial and reliable service provider in mechanical engineering, services, machines, and parts. For more detailed information, contact David Dye of Quick Turn Inc. at 479-466-6586.


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