Miva Technologies Partners with KuperTek to Form MivaTek Global

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Miva Technologies is pleased to announce that it has come to agreement with its longtime market development partner Kuper Technology, LLC to expand its footprint. Kuper Technology will now be known as MivaTek Global, LLC and takeover global sales, support and marketing for all Miva Technologies’ direct imaging products.    

MivaTek Global, LLC (formerly KuperTek) KuperTek and Miva have worked together for many years developing the market and technology for Miva’s industry leading LED DLP Direct Imaging Solutions. KuperTek has demonstrated an ability to provide the market guidance and customer experience that Miva Technologies would like to provide to its global PCB and Micro-electronic customers. With the formation of MivaTek Global, the sales, support and marketing leadership will be centralized, experienced and active. The transition will occur in a phased approach that will conclude by November 2017.   

Brendan F. Hogan will remain the Managing Director of MivaTek Global and has over 30 years of product and business development experience within the circuit fabrication and electronic manufacturing industry. Specifically, he has been a major contributor to the development of the Miva Direct Imaging product line for nearly a decade. Mr. Hogan has a BSEE and MBA from Rutgers University. Mr. Hogan received his start in the circuit fabrication industry at companies including Argus International, AccuSystems, Test Technology and Advanced Coatings International before founding Kuper Technology, LLC in 2004.   

About Miva Technologies, GmbH

Miva Technologies, GmbH is a leading producer of LED based Direct Imaging systems for the printed circuit and semiconductor industries. Miva Technologies based in Stuttgart Germany, has placed over 500 systems globally including film plotting, direct imaging and direct write technologies.   

About MivaTek Global, LLC

MivaTek Global, LLC was formed to serve as a liaison between emerging technology companies and the electronic manufacturing industry.  Services include product development, business development, product representation and corporate development.   

MivaTek Global is actively hiring Sales Engineers, Application Engineers and Technical Support staff. If interested, please send resume to b.hogan@MivaTek.Global


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