Elmatica and SOSA Launches Space Event in Bratislava

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Exchange of knowledge, experience and to develop a connection between space electronics activities in the Nordics and Eastern Europe will be of high importance when ISEE2017 (International Space Electronics Event) opens October 2017.

Space environment and its effect on the reliability of electronic materials is of constant concern, thus Elmatica and SOSA desire to create an arena to promote the awareness of materials used in the Space Industry.

"This event’s goal is to address the development and reliability of materials and manufacturing processes utilised for space applications. Developing printed circuits for space, requires a higher standard in regard to reliability, safety and design. The technology evolves fast, we think the key to further success lies within exchange of information and experience. Thus we wanted to create an arena for this," says Didrik Bech, CEO at Elmatica.

"We also aim to bridge the gap and improve the communication and development between the Nordics and Eastern Europe, and increase the knowledge around space electronics activities, from both product owners to end users, and across the borders," says Bech.

Elmatica and SOSA (Slovak Organisation for Space Activities) will arrange ISEE2017 (International Space Electronics Event) in Bratislava the 18th to 20th of October 2017.

The conference will focus on the growing space industry in Europe and the Nordics and build a communication platform for companies and institutions involved in the production of electronics, share knowledge, and create new business opportunities across the borders in this expanding industry.

"Our main goal for this event, is to develop a connection between space electronics activities in Central/Eastern Europe and Nordic/Western Europe. We also aim to share the achievements, challenges and direct potential cooperation opportunities between the invited parties, in terms of technical and commercial aspects," says Chair of SOSA, Michaela Musilova.

"Bratislava seems like the perfect venue for this event. Our ambition is to provide the attendants with lectures from interesting and highly experienced speakers, and foster relevant discussions between companies and institutions in the space industry. All framed by the beautiful scenery of the historical city of Bratislava, where the Slovakian space activities have emerged since 2009," says Musilova.

About Elmatica

Elmatica was established in 1971 and is the oldest broker of PCB in the world. Delivering to 5 continents and 39 countries with over 10 000 orders per year, to small family businesses and companies listed on the stock exchange. With over 46 years experience in the industry, Elmatica has a unique understanding of the market, demand, supply on three continents, compliance and future trends and possibilities of Printed Circuits . We are honoured for being selected to chair several new independent standards in our industry, with organizations as IPC and NEMI. Elmatica’s products include consulting, procurement, manufacturing and logistics. Elmatica is all about the future of PCB.


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