New Chief Technology Officer Completes Peters Management Board

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As of January 1st, 2018, the chemist Dr. Pavel Gentschev joined Peters Research GmbH & Co. KG where he fills the position of chief technology officer. Besides high-level planning and coordination of R&D projects and quality assurance, he will bring new ideas and impetus to the R&D team for both new and further developments of high-tech coating materials. In addition, he is given co-responsibility as a Technical Marketing Manager in the marketing of products, which is handled by Lackwerke Peters and the Peters Group. Furthermore, Dr. Gentschev will be involved in major projects related to enhancing the global presence and competitivity in the Asian market.

His studies of chemistry at the Universities of Hamburg and Münster, along with his subsequent doctorate, lay the perfect foundation for this new challenge. As head of department and managing director for companies of different sizes he has acquired experience in product development with HR responsibility over many years. After heading the development of reactive polyurethane systems within the industrial adhesives division at Henkel AG &Co. KGaA for several years, Dr. Gentschev changed over to managing the development unit, and to the general management of Ramsauer GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-size company located in the Salzburg region of Austria. Here his duties were related to the development and the distribution of sealants and adhesives based on silicones, MS hybrid systems, polyurethanes and acrylates.

Further landmarks of his career made him deal with various types of wood adhesives, while in the frame of technical and commercial duties, he was involved in supporting customers and agents in India, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Later on, he worked as head of development and managing director for the Swiss company Astorit AG, a manufacturer and distributor of, amongst other products, casting compounds for electrical/electronic components based on epoxy, polyurethane and silicone.

In addition to the official Managing Board of Brigitte and Ralf Schwartz, Dr. Gentschev will complete the extended Management team composed of Britta Schwartz, Benjamin Alfes, Rüdiger Dietrich and Michael Müller. After almost 40 years in the function of Technical Director, Rüdiger Dietrich will retire in the foreseeable future; his knowledge and experience acquired over several decades will help Dr. Gentschev in getting familiar with our highly specialised subjects.

In this respect, entrepreneurial foresight as to an ideal succession has urged us to act now, in view of calmly paving the way for continued success in the future.



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