Amphenol Invotec Implements AOI Solution from Orbotech

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UK PCB manufacturer Amphenol Invotec has implemented Orbotech’s Fusion 22XL automated optical inspection (AOI) solution.

Since implementation, the 22XL has increased the speed and cost effectiveness of its AOI process, enhanced throughput and at the same time, reduced the number of AOI machines in Amphenol Invotec’s UK PCB Manufacturing plant.

Accurately inspecting complex PCBs with special materials without sacrificing delivery schedules poses unique challenges. The Fusion 22XL has helped Amphenol Invotec to increase throughput and high-quality PCB yield while reducing its overall AOI operating costs.

Tim Tatton, general manager of Amphenol Invotec, commented:

“The Fusion 22XL solution will fundamentally improve our ability to support our rich product and technology mix, including high speed, RF and microwave materials. We look forward to increased yields for our complex PCBs, and we already know that we can count on Orbotech for technical excellence and great customer support.”

Fusion 22XL is Orbotech's innovative large format AOI solution that enables top quality inspection for larger panel sizes. Utilizing breakthrough Multi-Image Technology, Fusion inspects each panel with multiple light sources in one scan for unparalleled detection accuracy. Designed for HDI and MLB applications, Fusion 22XL re-defines PCB production efficiency, while achieving lower cost per scan.



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