U.S. Circuit Invests in MASS Via Fill Unit and Pola e Massa Planarizer

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Escondido-based PCB fabricator U.S. Circuit has recently invested in both a MASS VCP 5000-1 vertical vacuum via filling machine and a Pola e Massa Planarizer 650.

Designed for high productivity requirements, the VCP 5000-1 machine will allow U.S. Circuit to fill both through holes and blind holes on both sides of a board in just one cycle with either conductive or non-conductive paste. 

Benefits of the new system include,

  • Utilizing the vacuum, holes up to 1:40 aspect ratio can be filled
  • Robust blind via process window utilizing full chamber vacuum
  • Job set up time: typical
  • Simple via fill head maintenance
  • Heated heads for paste viscosity control
  • Squeegee system removing excess plugging paste from the surface of plugged panels
  • Reduces excess paste by 20 to 6 micron (0.8 to 2.0 mil)

The Planarizer 650 from Pola e Massa is a compact size solution with multiple vertical brushes that allows the removal an excess of applied paste from conductive holes during the PCB manufacturing process. It is an evolution of PeM’s patented previous multi-roll model and is suitable to deburr and remove paste in excess, avoiding holes ovalization.   The 650 is equipped with 10 brushes to provide ultimate power and regional conformance.

President Mike Fariba stated, “These new machines will allow us to bring via fill projects in house, which in turn, will allow us to provide our customers with faster delivery and better pricing. Customer service is important to us, so we will continue to make more additions like these to our facility in order to improve our speed, capability and pricing.”

About U.S. Circuit

For over 33 years, U.S. Circuit has been a premier supplier of commercial PCBs and for the past several years a supplier for the military and aerospace market. U.S. Circuit has experienced continued growth in a challenging economy through consistently high performance, on-time delivery, superior quality and an emphasis on the highest level of customer service. U.S. Circuit is proud to be the circuit board manufacturer for more than 400 growing companies.


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