Greensource Fabrication Boosts HDI E-Test Capabilities with New atg A8a Tester

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atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH, confirms delivery of high-speed bare board testing technology to highly advanced HDI and Microelectronic PCB fabricator, GreenSource Fabrication LLC, in Charlestown, New Hampshire.

Consistent with the on-going investment in the leading edge facilities of GreenSource Fabrication, the fully automated A8a, 8-head, double-sided, high-speed, high-accuracy flying probe test system represents the latest addition to GreenSource Fabrication’s test department. According to VP Alex Stepinski, “This latest atg acquisition enables GreenSource Fabrication to test the latest ultra-fine HDI designs while helping to reach our industry-leading automation goals."

atg’s A8a is able to test pad sizes down to 35 microns and is capable of testing HDI products for smartphones or tablet and PC motherboards up to a test area of 18.9” x 12.2”. The A8a eliminates limitations due to test point density or fine-pitch contacts and also features embedded component test, 4-wire Kelvin measurement capability with an accuracy of +/- 0,025 mΩ, and latent testing. In combination with the fast test speed of up to 140 measurements/second, the A8a provides a “lights-out” automated handling solution for batches up to 5000 boards. To achieve high throughput the key feature of the A8a is a new dual shuttle system, which reduces the product exchange time to zero seconds in automation mode.

About GreenSource Fabrication LLC

GreenSource Fabrication LLC, in Charlestown, NH was born from Whelen Engineering, the world’s leading emergency warning manufacturer, and is now at the forefront of the most advanced PCB manufacturing innovations. GreenSource provides the fastest turnaround time for complex HDI, SI, and flex/rigid-flex products while supporting its promise of sustainability in every part of their process and business. VP Stepinski further adds, “We are the only automated advanced HDI (mSAP/amSAP/SAP) capable PCB fab in North America (ie. 10-50 micron line/space range, 25-50 micron microvias) with powerful world-class, quick-turn, and fully green process capability.”

atg Luther & Maelzer

With more than 180 employees worldwide, atg Luther & Maelzer is the leading supplier of electrical testing solutions for the printed circuit board industry. atg Luther & Maelzer offers two product lines: flying probe and universal grid testers.

atg Luther & Maelzer is a company of Xcerra Corporation, which provides capital equipment, interface products, and services to the semiconductor, industrial, and electronics manufacturing industries. Xcerra Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and technologies, and a global network of strategically deployed applications and support resources. For more information click here.


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