DIVSYS International and ICAPE Group Make an Unbeatable Team

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This working arrangement between ICAPE Group and DIVSYS International couples the US-based technical expertise in PCB and PCBA offered by DIVSYS, to the world-class PCB sales organization, quality assurance laboratory and rapid prototyping assembly services at ICAPE Group.

“DIVSYS integrating with ICAPE Group provides a major growth opportunity for both companies by having a full range of services for our PCB and PCBA clients,” noted Tammie Fish, managing owner of DIVSYS. “Greater buying power, more offerings for customers and a local presence is the key to personal service and client-focused business practices.” Companies located within the U.S. rely on local support to immediately address their needs and resolve issues. The DIVSYS model of technical expertise, laboratory assurance and quality metric driven systems available to customers at our Indianapolis, Indiana facility creates a unique combination that ICAPE recognized as being critical to US companies buying PCBs and PCBAs.

ICAPE Group’s CIPEM division opens the options for DIVSYS customers to a “one-stop-shop” approach to business with DIVSYS-ICAPE. CIPEM offerings include power supplies, 3D printing, mechanical parts, displays, fans, heatsinks, connectors, cables and wires. Having more options for our customers is one more way that DIVSYS differentiates itself from any other electronic service provider.

The new DIVSYS-ICAPE partnership has set the standard much higher for customer-focused business practices.

About DIVSYS International

DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC is a technology company specializing in printed circuit board sales, laboratory assurance testing of PCBs and PCBAs, RapidProto assembly, training, and engineering consulting for PCB and PCBA. Providing supply chain management of PC boards removes the quality risks associated with buying from the competition. Electrical and laboratory verification services are performed in-house (Indianapolis) on every lot, to assure risk-free PC board purchasing.  

The RapidProto assembly group offers production quality assemblies in as few as 1-3 days of simple or complex assemblies using only automatic equipment to full production standards with the most modern equipment available, including Mycronic solder paste deposition using “jet” technology, a 30,000CPH Panasonic placement system, AOI, selective solder, and robotic conformal coat.

Our team is composed of high-skillset folks, who can solve problems while assembling the boards. Updating your information, and providing information back to you that will help you assemble the boards yourself in the future is only part of the story. We verify the boards against the netlist to assure that the board matches the design, purchase parts from “normal” distribution, place and solder with automated equipment, and AOI. 

DIVSYS fosters the culture of a reliance on technical excellence through modern quality techniques and continual education of all team members. Almost all of the Indianapolis team is a lean six sigma black belt. All staff are proficient with, and trained to the latest IPC specifications. This dedication to quality, continual improvement, and technical excellence is the genesis for the DIVSYS concept.

About ICAPE Group 

Founded in 1999, ICAPE Group has a long experience in the production of printed circuit boards and customized technical parts manufactured in China. In more than 70 countries, over 1500 customers trust the quality services and offers of the group.

Each month, ICAPE Group delivers more than 20 million PCBs and 5 million technical parts. 

With its team of 320 people worldwide, and 75 strategic partners in Asia, 25 in printed circuit boards and 50 in technical parts, ICAPE Group brings the best supply solutions. The service office is located in China with 185 highly qualified employees.

Our global sales organization allows us to be closer to the production plants and to satisfy your needs in printed circuit boards and Technical Parts, with the best quality/price/service ratios, while respecting the ethical charter established by the group on all its partners.

Our main mission is to guarantee a quality service throughout the entire process: from quotation to delivery to any customer anywhere around the world.


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